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Dimentox 05-21-2009 05:01 PM

capturing keyboard events on BB in javascript

I am using a BB8900 with OS 4.6. I was wondering if it's possible to capture keyboard events from the blackberry browser via javascript on a webpage.
Please note that I only care about the browser that comes with OS 4.6 as all blackberries accessing the site will be running that version.

I've created a listener:


function processKeyPress()


document.addEventListener('keypress', processKeyPress, false);
I have a function processKeyPress() that will simply display an alert for now. However, this function never gets called. If I look at the same page in firefox, the keypress events are trapped as expected and this function is called.

The BB javascript documentation claims that the BB is supposed to be able to handle keyboard events but they never seem to be handled. It seems as though these keypresses are instead being trapped by the browser for use as keyboard shortcuts. For example, hitting 'd' will cause the browser to minimize. Is there anyway to have these keypresses processed by the page instead? Any tricks?

NOTE: The same thing if I attempt the following:

<body onkeypress="processKeyPress();">
So I guess the key here is whether or not it's possible for these key presses to get to the page instead of the browser intercepting them.


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