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wtb567 07-04-2009 04:44 AM

Codesigning fails on second JDE installation
I'm quite new to BB development so please bear with me if this is a stupid question.

I initially installed JDE 4.7 and registered my code signing keys. All worked and I can sign my apps when developing in JDE 4.7.

The I installed JDE 4.2 and my keys stopped working. I read elsewhere on this forum that all that is required is to copy the three files sigtool.csk, sigtool.db and sigtool.set from the bin directory of JDE 4.7 to that of JDE 4.2.

However, this does not seem to solve the problem for me. It still fails and I
get emails back from RIM with content such as "A code signing request failed for client xxx" and "Irregular Code Signing Request Behaviour".

Hope someone can help

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