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lzhang 07-30-2009 10:03 AM

Attachment handle and chapiDemo didn't work for me.
I try to add a new application which will handle some office file and some other format. I want to add my application menu into email attachment. My propose is if there is an attachment with an email (.doc, .ppt .pdf or some other format), bring up my application to open it/ or download it. And I don’t want the attachment had x-rimdevice prefix with the file name.

I use jde version 4.6 with simulator bold 9000. And I had several problems:

1 I tried CHAPIDemo, it didn’t work for me. During the start, I got uncaught exception thrown – runtimeException. Message on simulator: “Uncaught exception: applicationRegistry.wairFor(0xd7dcf9c46183cf6) timeout”. When I run “Chapi Demo” from downloads folder, it ask me to “select invoke from the menu”, nothing happens after I selected invoke. (rim.cvs file was in the right place.) I put breakpoints in, doInvoke function been called, but invocationRequestNotify never been called.

2 I insert my menuitem into the MENUITEM_EMAIL_VIEW and also add my menu in AttachmentHandlerManager. (So when in the email view, press track ball will bring the menu which has “open attachment”, “download attachment” and also my custom menu “open file”. I want to register my application into content handler to handle more type of files, but got same error message as I run Chapi Demo. How to make it work???

3 Can one file type has several handlers? If I already had DocTogo on my phone which handle doc file, can I still register my application to handle the same type of file?

Thanks a lot.


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