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Nelson1960 08-13-2009 08:10 AM

Some Simulators have MDS Connectivity Issues on my PC
I have installed some BB simulators on my PC such as 9630, 8110, and a suite of older ones like 7780, 7750, etc.
I have read many of the older threads about MDS connectivity issues, and I set up my MDS and made the run.bat Java directory assignments and changed the c switch to k etc., so I can keep the cmd window open and read what is going on with MDS.

Here is the problem: I start up MDS and get a "web server started" dialogue, and I can run a 7780 handheld simulator and it will connect to the internet. When I visit pages on the simulator I can see MDS cycling through numerous lines, responding to the requests.

But if I run MDS with the 8110 or 9630 simulators, I just get the "unable to connect to the selected MDS, please try again later" message, and the MDS cmd window makes no responses at all.

Is there some configuration step that I am missing for the later simulators? I guess it isn't an MDS problem because MDS runs fine for the 7780 etc.
I am running jdk1.5.0_20. I am a .NET web programmer and I don't have a Blackberry and I wanted to use some of the simulators to view some specialized web pages that I am going to put together for handhelds.

Thanks if anyone can help guide me in the right direction here.

Dougsg38p 08-13-2009 08:25 AM

There are several versions of MDS, which are appropriate with particular levels of simulator.

Nelson1960 08-13-2009 08:51 AM

I downloaded and installed the Email & MDS Package;
the blackberry site doesn't have MDS package version higher than that;
is there another version that I should use to support higher version handhelds,
like V4.7 (9630) and V4.5 (8110).
Thanks for helping.

EDITED - Well I did find a version 4.1.4 that I just downloaded and configured, but it still doesn't support the 9630 and 8110.

Does anyone know where i can get the higher versions of the MDS Simulator to support 8000, 9000 series handhelds?

Dougsg38p 08-13-2009 09:43 AM

The 9000 and up uses 4.1.5

8300 and 8100 uses 4.1.4

I believe these were bundled with the JDE starting with 4.3, but the 4.1.4 is out there as a stand-alone download, last time I checked.

Dougsg38p 08-13-2009 10:56 AM

Checked the web site - they have "reorganized" everything and I cannot locate the 4.1.4 MDS.

I would download 4.3 JDE or 4.5 and get it that way.

Nelson1960 08-13-2009 05:09 PM

Doug thanks very much for your help.
I just downloaded the 8100 simulator to go along with the 4.1.4 MDS that I downloaded last night, and it works just fine. I will try to find that 4.3 JDE to go along with the 9630 simulator. I googled for it earlier but the blackberry site links were all dead. I will find it eventually. The MDS 4.1.4 link was on a developer tools page and not in the dropdown list of simulator downloads :P
Thanks again for your help.

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