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Sujit 09-12-2009 06:53 AM

rasource bundle
Can anyone tell me how can i develop a blackberry application by using BlackBerry Resource bundle????????????
I need some sample code on it. I am using Eclipse Plug-in but i don't know how to use resource bundle to it.I me what should be the directory structure.
I have design my project like this.
com.cobisystems.blackberry.graphs and i have created a folder on it named Resource and i have created two file on it named newBBresource.rcc and newBBresource.rrh but when i m writting my program i m getting error.

This is my program.

//importing this package...
import Resources.newBBresourceResource;
import net.rim.device.api.i18n.ResourceBundle;

private ResourceBundle _resources=ResourceBundle.getBundle(newBBresourceR esource.BUNDLE_ID, newBBresourceResource.BUNDLE_NAME);

String s1 = _resources.getString(newBBresourceResource.HELLO_W ORLD_STRING);//i m getting error here

please help me to solve this problem.........

sahil_khanna 09-23-2009 12:57 AM

What is the error you're getting?

I guess you don't need to specify the resource name while sending a parameter to getString method. Try using...

String s1 = _resources.getString(HELLO_WORLD_STRING);

When you select getString and click enter, you get a list of constants associated with the resource bundle to select from. Probably you'll even get HELLO_WORLD_STRING as an option.

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