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renuka_anil 11-05-2009 02:43 AM

custom text field is not consuming backspace
Hi All,

I have implemented a custom text field that extends BasicEditField..

public CustomTextField(String txt){
super("", txt, 300, BasicEditField.EDITABLE | BasicEditField.FOCUSABLE | BasicEditField.ACTION_INVOKE);
isSearchBox = true;
textFieldFont = textFieldFont.derive(Font.PLAIN, 12);
textFieldHeight = textFieldFont.getHeight();
textFieldWidth = Graphics.getScreenWidth()-90;

This is my constuctor..

When textfield already contain some text it wont consume backspace event. It shows all other key chars but when at start i click backspace(from simulator key pad) no action is take place. Although it has to take as i havent overrided any other method for doing anything manually.

Please anybody if know what to do. please let me know.


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