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streamh 12-11-2009 02:59 AM

How can I get the correct icons for the system applications?
Hi, all:

I try to get the systems icons, such as browser, message, but can not get the correct ones? What's the problem?


_appm = ApplicationManager.getApplicationManager();
ApplicationDescriptor[] appdes = _appm.getVisibleApplications();
int tot_app = appdes.length;
for (int i = 0; i < tot_app; i++)
    ApplicationDescriptor aptor = appdes[i];                               
    Bitmap _icon = appdes[i].getIcon();

but the _icon is not the same with the home screen one, so what's the problem with the code?

Thanks very much!

Dougsg38p 12-11-2009 08:40 AM

You can't get these. I reported this to RIM and they said "yeah - the RIM logos are digitally protected".

We wound up making our own icons that were "close" but not identical to the RIM app icons.

streamh 12-11-2009 09:48 PM

Thanks very much for your posting!
Or I will try a lot of best to get these icons,,,and it will wast a lot of time...

So another question: I have seen the application switcher in the third part application at the platform 4.6 version. As well-known to all, the switch application will be shown on the 4.7 version's menu defaultlly, but not at Version 4.6.
So I don't know how the third part application do this? Do they call the system's application switcher?

I want to draw the application switcher at version 4.6, but it seems impossible for the icons.

Can you give me some suggestions?

Thanks again!@

Dougsg38p 12-12-2009 12:28 AM

I don't think there is any way to invoke the RIM Switch Application function because of security. We found a hack that worked on the simulator, but since we lacked the RIM signature, it did not work on the device.

I think you will have to implement this yourself using ApplicationManager.getVisibleApplications(), writing your own Ribbon dialog, and providing your own app icons.

Anyway, that's what we did :)

streamh 12-13-2009 11:26 PM

Thanks very much for your help!
I will try to do it!

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