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amit1me 12-18-2009 08:16 AM

Blackberry Strange Behaviour
Hi All,
I ran into an issue lately. I developed a lil application as an prototype. I wanted to test it on my blackberry device. I don't have the signing keys for the application as yet. The application was only using one signed method which was Display.getWidth().

I hardcoded the value to eliminate the signed api so that i can test it on a device itself. I could even install the application on a 8700 with Os version 4.5. However the same application produces an error when run on 4.2. The application was build for the Os version 4.2 itself. The error is
Module must be signed by the RIM Runtime Code Signing Key (RRT)

Any reason why we would run into something like this ?
Are there settings that can be done on the BES server for all applications to require code signing, or something like that which could cause an issue like this ?

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