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safvan 01-21-2010 01:18 AM

Internationalization of MidletName in jad
I am using Eclipse JDE for developing a blackberry application.

I want my application to be named as "mv"(containing an accentuated character).

Eclipse doesnot allowed me to create a blackberry project with name "mv".

Hence, i created the blackberry project with name as "mav" i.e. without using accentuated character. After that i modified the "MidletName" as "mv" in .jad, .rapc and in jar). Then i executed the rapc command again.

The rapc command was executed successfully.

Note:- The encoding of my workspace was "UTF-8". When i try to run rapc command with "ISO-8859-1" as the workspace encoding, i received "Inalid UTF-8 encoding" error.

Now i tried to download the application via OTA by giving the path of jad in the URL. It gave me the confirmation message having "mv"(containing an accentuated character) as the application name.

Now when i pressed the download button it gave me an error as "Invalid Code File".

I think that as rapc command doesnot support UTF-8 encoding, it converts the UTF-8 encoded "" character to a garbage value and puts it in the cod file. Hence there occurs a mismatch between the MidletName present in jad and cod file.

Please Advice....Thanks.

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