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satyarajasekhar 03-14-2010 10:08 AM

Sending data from Popped Screen to the Screen behind popped screen
I am pushing a popupscreen from one screen which contains choice fields. In the popup screen i am having some choice fields and after selecting some choice, i had to send that value to the previous screen i.e, screen behind the popped screen.
How to send the data from front screen to the back screen.

Please help me in this aspect.


jacob.tabak 03-14-2010 11:22 AM

In the constructor to your popup screen, pass a reference to the screen behind the previous screen. Then you can update the fields of the other screen directly.

The preferred way of doing this is through public getter/setter methods in the previous screen like:
public void receiveMessageFromPopup(String message)

If you need more tips on the specific implementation of this, feel free to ask.

satyarajasekhar 03-14-2010 07:21 PM

Sending data from Popped Screen to the Screen behind popped screen
Thanks for your reply and it works like a perfect charm. But, thing is, is it creates cluttering of class handlers in the mobile i.e, is the application becomes slow when i do such kind of passing the reference to other class.

Please help me in this regard.

jacob.tabak 03-14-2010 10:33 PM

No, this is standard practice in Java and an object oriented principle called composition. It's similar to a pointer in C++ and doesn't consume any more memory than a string variable would.

The only effect this will have on performance is that an object that is referenced by other active objects will not be garbage collected. However, in your case, it wouldn't make any sense for the original object to be garbage collected because it's in the background and will be displayed later.

So basically the only time this would have an adverse effect on performance is when you are needlessly passing around references to objects that should be garbage collected.

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