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jbzs 06-30-2010 05:24 PM

scanning wifi access points
I'm looking for a way to retrieve the information for all visible wifi access points (e.g. routers).I don't intend for my application to connect to a wlan. For each access point visible to the blackberry, I want to know: SSID, BSSID and signal level. I know the class "WLANInfo.WLANAPInfo" encapsulates this information and in net.rim.device.api.wlan.hotspot the method getSupportedNetworks() takes in a WLANInfo.WLANAPINFO[].

So I'm pretty sure it's possible to somehow get a WLANInfo.WLANAPINFO[]. The question is how do I get the array. I don't intend to getSupportedNetworks(). I just want to do a scan for wifi and get that WLANInfo.WLANAPINFO array.

Thanks in advance,

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