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smokingfly 07-13-2010 06:26 AM

How to capture Send button event?
Hi All,

I am using Blackberry 4.6. I am writting a back-end application. In my application I implements PhoneListner. My requirement is that when user presses Send Button (Green button), the number which is entered by the user should be not dial, instead my custom number should dial. Custom number means, I prefis the user number with 9. I written the replacing number code in CallInitiated function. But My application behaves like that:

1) In phone application, user enter some number, say 12345.
2) Then presses Send button (Green button).
3) Call initiated screen comes for few moment & then my number, i.e. 912345, starts dialing.

My problem is , I dont want that 12345 dialing screen comes even for few moments. For that I need to write code for replacing number in Send Button (Green button) click.

Can anyone please help for my issue? I need to resolve it.

Thanks in advance.

Manoj Kumar

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