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gillakila 10-17-2010 12:16 PM

Problem Using Socket Connection on AT&T network
I am trying to connect to a server over direct TCP. The connection string I am using ("socket://<IP-Address>:<port>;deviceside=true") works fine on verizon and T-mobile phones, but I am having problems on a telus bold 9700 with a&t SIM card (US). I am getting a CriticalIOException when I try to connect.

The details are:

Connection string: socket://<IP-Address>:<port>;deviceside=true;;T unnelAuthusername=null;TunnelAuthPassword=null


Critical tunnel failure

I have tried various prefixes of above connection string with and without username and password etc. Does anyone know what connection string should I use ? I have also tried apns 'proxy' and '' that have been suggested elsewhere.

The adv. settings->TCP/IP ... shows APN string "" and web browser seems to be working just fine.

gillakila 10-18-2010 10:43 AM

Follow Up: I was able to get rid of the CriticalIOException by getting the APN from the Host Routing Table and included it as part of the connection string.

Now I am getting an IOException: Connection Timed Out. I know the Server I am trying to connect to is listening as I am able to send it messages from WiFi and other phones on a Verizon Network. I have successfully set a long Timeout (60 seconds) through SocketConnectionEnhanced but it is still timing out.

It seems like this could be a problem with AT&T or the Telus Phone. Has anyone had similar issues or if you could offer some guidance this one is really puzzling me.

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