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SaurabhAgrawal 03-02-2011 04:17 PM

Caching issue for webKit based Browser with OS6.0
In WebKit Based Browser (for OS 6.0) There is an issue of caching the "Pushed Content Cache" file (specially Javascript file ) within the Browser Cache (Cache at the browser level) .
We have a web application which is Pushed (html pages and JS / CSS files) to Blackberry "Pushed Content Cache" using MDS in order to have the application available offline.
The application has a functionality which uses a particular Javascript file (also pushed to the device - as the Javascript content in the file is dynamic).

On BB OS<= 5.0 the above mentioned scenario works well, and everytime application is launched it picks up the recent pushed Javascript File . However with Webkit based browser in OS >=6.0 the browser caches the Javascript file at the first time access and even if a new JS file has been pushed to "Pushed Content Cache", browser continues to access the file it cached at the Browser Cache Level.

Solution I am looking for : How to avoid the JS file caching at the Browser Cache Level and always force Browser to refer file from Pushed Content Cache (as in the case of Browser for OS 5.0 or lower).

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