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Rubiya 02-23-2012 04:15 AM

How to exclude a file before compilation

My issue is that I have to develop an app which should work in both OS 5.0 and Os 6.0. In version 5 json is not there so I had added the Json classes to it.This worked fien for me.But when I tried to run it using JRE version 6.0 I got an Error saying Duplicate file exists .This is because in version 6.0 we have the JSON classes already inbulit and the classes I added is causing the duplication error.

How can this be solved?I want to run the App in both 5 and 6 versions.Also I came to know that this can be solved using preprocessors.How can this be done? How can I exclude the JSON classes when running in versions greater than 5.0?

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