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citizenKane 03-26-2012 10:23 AM

Go back to application after finishing phone call
Hi, i am trying to go back to the application after placing a phone call. I place the call programatically, send some tones and finish the call. After that instead of going back to the screen from which i came from, i am sent to the phone calls list screen. My code is:


try {
} catch (InterruptedException e) {
// TODO Auto-generated catch block

EventInjector.KeyCodeEvent pressEndKey = new EventInjector.KeyCodeEvent(KeyCodeEvent.KEY_DOWN, (char) Keypad.KEY_END, 0,100);
EventInjector.KeyCodeEvent releaseEndKey = new EventInjector.KeyCodeEvent(KeyCodeEvent.KEY_UP, (char) Keypad.KEY_END, 0, 100);


EventInjector.KeyCodeEvent pressBackKey = new EventInjector.KeyCodeEvent(KeyCodeEvent.KEY_DOWN, (char) Keypad.KEY_BACKWARD, 0,100);
EventInjector.KeyCodeEvent releaseBackKey = new EventInjector.KeyCodeEvent(KeyCodeEvent.KEY_UP, (char) Keypad.KEY_BACKWARD, 0, 100);

any ideas on how to make this work? Thanks in advanced

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