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hedone.hawker 05-15-2012 11:38 AM

FUZZengine for developers
Hi devs!

We are preparing something new that i think will get a lot to all of us. our short describtion of FUZZengine is:
"FUZZengine™ personalizing application (add-on) is free to download and use together with native or FUZZengine™ enabled applications.
Use video wallpaper loops, add image wallpapers or add new sounds to your native or third-party applications.
It’s FREE! Download it now and personalize your applications with new features!"

FUZZengine will help you provide people apps that are customizable. It is also free to use by PlayBook owners and developers and soon we'll also release BB, Android and iOS version.

Why you should think about using FUZZengine?

Added Value
Give something more to your customers! With FUZZengine™ your customers will not only get a great application – they will also be able to personalize it.
Get greater usage and more customers by allowing them to customize their applications. Including FUZZengine™ in to your application means adding new features – adding value!

Greater Exposure
People love customizing the applications they use. We’ll promote your applications in-app, and on our website, allowing FUZZengine users to see applications, with the ability to personalize sounds, pictures and videos.
With great number of FUZZengine™ users, we are able to promote your applications to a wider range of people, giving it a greater exposure – free!

Unique features
Our customers are able to use unique features in FUZZengine™ enabled applications, and we’ll always keep their content on our servers, when not in use on their devices.
Use video wallpaper loops, add image wallpapers or add new sounds to your application with FUZZengine™. Take your app a step further, and enable unique features now!

We are releasing FUZZengine in a few days together with first app that'll support it. You are very welcome to contact us and get more information or even include FUZZengine features before it is even released.

Contact me with your questions. Form can be found at FUZZengine | Personalize your applications | FUZZengine

Thank you and nice day to you all!

hedone.hawker 07-26-2012 09:54 AM

Re: FUZZengine for developers
We have important news for all of you developers!

FUZZengine API is now published on FUZZengine developers website. You can download it together with all documentation and start including FUZZengine features in to your applications.

Let me remind you - FUZZengine API and features are not only easy to implement - use of FUZZengine in your application is FREE!

Please check FUZZegnine developers website for more information.

You can check how FUZZengine is implemented in first FUZZengine enabled application Slotch here.

We also have important information about contributors. Please check this post to get more information about it.

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