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ugster 05-17-2012 01:03 PM

Bitrate setting for video capture
After successfully setting the bitrate for video capture for older os versions, this seemed to stop working for OS 7.1.

We are doing this in accordance to the info mentioned here:
Multimedia - Release Notes - BlackBerry Java SDK - 7.0 (was unable to post a url) :

"Set audio and video bitrate in video recordings during initialization
You can now specify the bitrate for audio and video codecs when creating a Player instance using the Manager class by setting the rate parameter (general example: createPlayer("capture://video?encoding=video/3gpp&rate=<bitrate>&video_rate=<bitrate>")).

Bitrate ranges for various codecs can be obtained using System.getProperty("audio.encodings.bitrate.ranges ") and System.getProperty("video.encoding.bitrate.ranges" )."


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