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AleksDev 05-30-2012 11:31 AM

BB10: Cascades and ForeignWindow
Hello all,

I am using the Cascades UI and I need to use ForeignWindow in order to develop a control which will show an image will be able to zoom and pan in it.

My question is: how and where am I supposed to handle touch events (in order to pan or zoom) for the window I am going to use as ForeignWindow.
Regarding that unlike the native SDK which uses an event loop, Cascades applications use App as a main class, where am I supposed to handle the screen_event_t and/or gesture events I would normally handle if I were developing in Native for a window?

This may be a beginner's question, but the connection between Native and Cascades is very poorly described (in my opinion at least) on the Cascades documentation page.

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