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berryapp 08-01-2013 10:40 PM

BB10 App using Invocation framework
Invocation framework is a very useful service in BB10 that allows seamless integration among different apps based on what type of content it can handle. Smart Contact Share. This is a very simple yet very useful app. Sometimes, instead of sharing the full detail of a contact, you may want to share certain fields. For example, if a contact includes both personal and business phone number and you share it through the native contact app, both numbers would be shared. Now, Smart Contact Share allows just to include either personal or the work phone number. When user initiates sharing from the contact app, Smart Contact Share shows up in the list of apps through which the contact can be shared. Thus allows native Contact app to invoke the Smart Contact Share, which then allows to choose only certain fields of the contact. This not only prevent certain data from being shared, it also reduces the bandwidth since less data travel through the wire. Is anyone using Invocation Framework in their app?

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