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santhosh.marimuthu 06-20-2007 09:56 AM

File implementation in 4.1 OS version
Hi all,
I'm doing a trace log file implementation for the application which i'm developing. My blackberry 8700 supports 4.1 OS version. I want to do file operations using 4.1 API set. There is an API Fileconnection interface. But this is supported only in 4.2 API set. I want to support file implementation in 4.1 Version. Can any one kindly tell me which API can be used for file implementation? Can anyone please help me in solving this issue?

Thanks in Advance.

jfisher 06-20-2007 10:34 AM

there's no filesystem on pre4.2 devices.

Skipper_Joe 06-21-2007 10:06 AM

Hi, santhosh
jfisher is right. filesystem available only on 4.2 and later devices. But you can use net.rim.device.api.system.EventLogger to store your application trace logs.

streamh 07-05-2007 09:16 PM

oh , I know ,thank you !
and is there any examples in JDE 4.1.0??

Skipper_Joe 07-07-2007 09:10 AM

Not that I'm aware of. But its API is rather straightforward and clear from javadoc

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