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LoganSix 05-24-2005 08:04 AM

Creating an "add-in" for synch
I am part of a team that has created a Service Order application for our company. The application uses http protocals to transmit data from the handheld back to the CRM database. There has been a request to allow the data to be synch'd between the application and the handheld when cradled.

I am assuming that a "add-in" application must be created for this to happen.
Is there any documentation on how to create an application that will do a synch?

Thanks for the help.

rimzim 05-30-2005 03:23 AM

You can go through the sample desktop application given in folder "desktop".
The VC++ project application is with name as "desktop.dsw" & the 'add-in' dll name is "desktop.dll". I think by going through the code, you will get the idea about the data syncing.

Wishing you best wishes.

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