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GERMartin 08-08-2007 05:00 AM

RIM ECL Example doesn't work

in our compony we installed the ECL example from RIM. but it works only with the BlackBerry WebBrowser. If i start the BBApplication frm the example i saw only a Screen with the Title.

There are now some Questions. Start the Application in the Start of Blackberry a Backgroundapp?
Here the sourcecode from the Main part
PHP Code:

    public static void main(Stringxxx91;xxx93; args) {
args != null && args.length 0) {
ECLApplication theApp = new ECLApplication();
        else {

In the PushedDataListener there is the variable for the URL. Must i type there the same thing how in the WebBrowser? (http://<ip>/BES_applikation/ECL.nfs)

and the last one. There will be used StreamConnectionNotifier to connect to the Server. Is that right? I Also tried with HttpConnection but it doesn't work

Here the Code part
PHP Code:

            System.out.println("eclBackGroundThread -- running");

StreamConnectionNotifier notify null;
StreamConnection stream null;
InputStream input null;

            try {
stream = (StreamConnectionNotifier); // that is the variable for the url 

for(;;) {

stream notify.acceptAndOpen();
input stream.openInputStream();

StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();
int datum = -1;
                    while ( -
!= (datum )
stream null;

String contactData sb.toString();
DataStore dataStore = new DataStore();

I hope you can help me with that facts.

Thx a lot

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