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suriya25 07-15-2010 08:48 PM

BES Server with Exchange Forest
We have 2 Exchange 2007 organization. Compnay A run on Exchange 2007 SP2 without BB Server while Company B running on Exchange 2007 SP2 but with BB Server. Due to merging process, you want to move mailboxes in Exchange 2007 at Company A to Company B. The process of mailbox migration is done. However, we have problem with activating BB for moved mailboxes. Once, the mailbox move done, we set the primary SMTP as per Company A while deleting mailboxes from Company A and keep the AD Account still exist. In Company B, while the primary SMTP is point to Company A, we added the user to BB server and set activate password. However, when come to BB Handheld activation is failed.

Please advice

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