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mullen91 07-15-2010 09:31 PM

"invalid server name" NOT INVALID! = HELP!!
I am trying to setup my work email on my Storm 2 9550. POP/IMAP works fine but I keep running into the same issue with my exchange mail.

I have confirmed the information to login successfully and have done so with the same info on an iPhone.

BIS says the server name is invalid. We do not have the traditional "" OWA address or any combination like that. We have " OWA address which is the same address used to configure Outlook for access.

My email address is "" which is where I think the issue arises. Two different domain names for the server and email address.

Has anyone been able to overcome this? ALL of the information is entered correctly through BIS, I have tried several variations, we do not use BES, and I have tried from my phone to set it up.

Any info is HIGHLY appreciated!

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