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Matrix 11-10-2007 12:47 PM

907 error when downloading app
So i don't have a data plan or internet on my phone but i wanted to get a bunch of games, so i put the games in a folder on my memory card, accessed them and then pressed install. Some of the games installed perfectly but about 80% have the same error, "907 Invalid Jar". Can anyone tell me what this is and why i keep on getting it. I heard that it might be some browset settings, but im not even downloading through browser just like downloading from memory card, and im not sure where to change browser settings. Some ppl have said that i should upgrade OS, right now i got v4.2.1.103. I have tried converting the jar files to alx but that failed too, i was using the cmd way with jde 4.3.0 and it was always saying some errors in the command prompt. If anyone can help me by telling me how to fix the error, or which of the following i should do to make it work i would be very greatful. tnx

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