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ELIH2 12-12-2007 05:47 AM

New Pearl 8120 - double calendar entries

I have double calendar entries, I have no idea why, is there any way to avoid this???

laurentio 12-14-2007 12:06 PM

there's not much you can do about that. the same problem appears on 8100. I have just upgraded my 8100 to 8120 (should arrive tomorrow morning) and I should keep you updated with the latest updates, software, patches, solutions in max 24h.
stick with me.

joe90 12-14-2007 01:47 PM

double calendar entries
if its a corporate device it could be you corporate software to back up outlook that at fault.

ViroBono 12-15-2007 08:51 AM

I've just upgraded from 8100 to 8120 (well worth it!), and have not had this problem on either. I use PocketMac to synch with iCal - could it be an issue with Windoze based software?

NJBlackBerry 12-15-2007 09:08 AM

Elih2 - if this is on a corporate network (a BlackBerry Enterprise Server) contact your IS department, as there is a problem with the version of CDO.DLL they are running with Exchange and the BES.

rschneidvol 12-19-2007 10:52 PM

Fix double calendar entires or wrong date
Yes, there is a solution.

First, synce your device. Second, from the Desktop Manager, configure your sync so that the calendar sync is diabled (so that when you sync in the future it will not talk with Outlook).

Next, from the Desktop Manager, select back-up and restore feature. Highlight "calendar" on the ***right*** side of the dialog boxes. Delete it. When the progress box disappears, wait for the device to finish actually wiping the calendar appointments clear. This is aupposed to wipe out all calendar items.

Now check your device. Odds are, a "problem" date or appointment will arise. An appointment (or series of) that did not delete via the Back-up & Restore delete could also be an invisible data error. If problem appointments exist, delete them in Blackberry. Repeat until the problem appointments are gone.

Now, reconfigure the sync settings and bring configure them to sync Outlook. Now sync your device. When done, do a battery pull.

laurentio 02-12-2008 09:08 PM

have just tried the above solution. it doesn't work...any other suggestions?

Redflea 02-12-2008 09:46 PM

Are the entries only duplicated on your Pearl?

winston21 02-26-2008 08:31 PM

same issue
i have the same issue on my 8130

david_uk 02-27-2008 06:21 AM


Originally Posted by ELIH2 (Post 771785)

I have double calendar entries, I have no idea why, is there any way to avoid this???

I had the same problem after upgrading the OS. This is what my BES hosting provider said:

"If the calendar is duplicated on the device and not on your Outlook you will have to wipe your device and reactivate your BlackBerry, this will clear all data on the phone and allow the device to sync with the current calendar on the server. If you had previous calendar items on the phone before you activate it will duplicate because the BlackBerry will add your existing calendar items from the server to your BB".

So, a fresh Enterprise Activation fixed the problem for me - but then we don't know if you're on a BES.

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