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loz_the_guru 12-29-2007 02:38 PM

Network problems with my 8100 vodafone pearl
Ive just got my hands on an ex-contract 8100 pearl, locked to the vodafone network. This was on a blackberry contract that was cancelled, and the handset hasnt been used for about 5 months.

Now, ive got a different sim in there, contract but without a BB data plan, and im having severe difficulties.

Heres the problem:

The BB flits between 'no network' and regular signal coverage. Sometimes, it will seem to be staying connected to the network with reasonable signal strength, yet refuses to recieve texts or calls. Whenever i try to send a text message or make an outgoing call, it reverts to the same problem, finding the vodafone network then searching for it, then finding it before inexplicably searching again.

Ive turned tried switching between automatic and manual network selection, as well as turning data on/off in the network settings. Ive also completely connected it to my PC and updated to the latest firmware, still no joy.

Anyone help me out here, im completely lost and cant seem to find an answer anywhere....:-(

John Clark 12-29-2007 02:54 PM

Sounds like the device has a radio/antenna problem

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