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adri 02-07-2008 03:11 PM

How do download without internet browser?
Whenever I would like to download a file (specifically: a .3gp) using Opera Mini. It asks if I should allow Mini to launch the default internet browser.

I say Yes.

Browser loads along with an error message popping up:
Your device does not currently have any Browser Configuation Service Book Entries.
Please contact your service provider to enable your device.

Following the message nothing happens, the same deal happens any time I try to load the browser. However, other applications BBMaps, GoogleMaps, Opera Mini don't give me any problems.

I am on Fido, a company recently bought out by Rogers, here in Canada.
APN Settings: fido / fido.

It is a T-Mobile branded phone which was unlocked and purchased here in Canada.

Fido offers a blackberry enterprise plan but does not support or offer bb devices... and I would rather pay $7/month for unlimited plan then $40/for BES and have a Nokia (eww).

How can I download on to my blackberry from opera mini (or some other way)? I've tried searching but have been coming up empty handed.

jeremyckitching 02-07-2008 03:18 PM

You won't be able to download with any other browser other than the BlackBerry browser.

You would have to have a BlackBerry specific data plan in order to download using the BlackBerry browser.

adri 02-07-2008 03:24 PM

I figured as much but I was really hoping someone would say it wasn't so.

Some applications and web sites seem really "mobile-only" geared.

For example, some applications on RIM's BB site are for mobile download only and cannot be installed via desktop... Is there some way I could obtain the files from another person's blackberry and then install on to my own?

Another example is, which does not allow me to save the videos via my desktop computer, but gives me the option to via my bb. As far as I can tell it seems like I couldn't even download the videos from my computer and transfer them to my bb. Is there something I don't know about which could help me?

With the value pack I've currently got my unlimited internet surfing is more like $2-$4 more then I would otherwise be paying. It's a big step between an extra $4/month and $40 a month, especially for a uni. student.

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