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steeletek 02-08-2008 04:24 PM

Use a Windows Application ?
Hi, I am wondering if it is remotely possible to use a Windows application program on my Blackberry Pearl ?

This is the program:
Quran, Koran, Qur'an, Quranic topics, Index, Browser, several translations, discussions, debates, Authorized English Translation of the Quran-God in Islam (Submission in English),Islam (Submission). Your best source for Islam on the Intenet. Happines
(The link that says Click here)

It's a Windows program WinQT.exe and it extracts setup files that installs on windows, is it possible to somehow install and use this on my blackberry pearl ?

Sith_Apprentice 02-08-2008 04:31 PM

exe files do not run on a blackberry

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