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kellydcarter 02-09-2008 11:16 PM

BBLight is still alive: Keep your Pearl display lit (on command)
When I'm watching a video, I don't want the backlighting to shut off till the video is over. When I'm in a car using Google Maps or BlackBerry Maps, I don't want the screen to go dark every 30 seconds. An old app from years ago, BBLight, lives on at I tried it on my new 8130 and it works like a charm. See my review at: App Review: BBLightxxx8211;Keep Your Display Lit (on command) My Blackberry Pearl 8130.

Model 8130 owners are especially invited to check out the entire blog at My Blackberry Pearl 8130.

Redflea 02-10-2008 03:01 AM

Thanks for posting this.

Dawg 02-10-2008 05:12 AM

cool I have used this app since my days on the 6510 and have missed using it because on the 8703 it didnt work very well. I will certainaly reup this in to my must have softwares.

Redflea 02-10-2008 12:18 PM

What I'd love would be a setting in the OS to turn off all backlight changes and enable "full power" mode whenever playing a video.

This will help by giving me control over the setting, but I sure wish the OS provided that option.

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