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Dan Farmer 03-17-2008 07:11 AM

SMS messages missing after re-activation
Have a Pearl 8100 running v4.2.0.61 of the software.
I have done a re-activation of the handheld (something I did 2 weeks ago on the same handheld with no issues) but now seem to be missing all the previous SMS messages stored on the SIM card after activation.
I have reactivated several other 8700's and 8800's the same way with no issues and its only this Pearl that has an issue, we have no other Pearls on our BES server. The handhelds were not wiped before re-activation and the Vodaphone Blackberry support have only come up with "Update to the latest version of the handheld software".

Is there anyway that during reactivation the Blackberry has wiped the SIM ?
It just seems that the handheld is unaware there are SMS messages on that SIM ?

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