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pepito141 03-18-2008 09:09 AM

Jawbone & 8130 trouble
I am running Alltel's on my VZW 8130. I also use (attempting to use) the Jawbone BT headset.

Here is my problem:

The Jawbone paired with my 8130 flawlessly. Connection and conversations are virtually crystal clear. Have heard occasional static, but nothing to concern me. My 8130 contains names and addresses that I would prefer to keep secure. I keep my 8130 locked when not physically in my grubby hands. When attempting to activate VAD from the Jawbone while the 8130 is locked and in its pouch, I receive an "unknown error". Unlock the 8130 and the Jawbone, VAD, and the 8130 seem to sing in perfect harmony.

On the 8130, under BT options I have chosen to allow outgoing calls - always. Under security and general setting I have had allow outgoing calls while locked set to both yes and no - to no avail either way. I have also changed the encryption, trust, and security settings for the Jawbone properties - also to no avail. I have been thru dozens of battery pulls for non related issues.

I have searched this site and others for similar issues and have only found 1 other mention of this issue on an 88XX device. Are there more of us out there? Please help!

One other observation - I also like to place my 8130 in standby mode via the mute button before I holster it. If I activate VAD from the Jawbone (prior to the 8130 engaging the auto lock) it brings the 8130 out of standby. I suppose I am ok with that part, but after the call is ended the 8130 remains out of standby. Doesn't this seem silly? Seems like returning to its previous state should be a rudimentary feature.

Note: This is my 1st and only BT headset. I am only using it because here in New Jersey (USA) we believe in better living thru legislation!

jeremyckitching 03-18-2008 09:15 AM

I can't answer your main question but if your holster has a magnet (which most do) then you don't have to put it in standby before putting it in the holster. When you put the device in the holster it will go in to Standby mode automatically. And welcome to the forums!

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