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nabman 04-02-2008 07:29 PM

Media player issues when email arrives :(
I use my Pearl to listed to music/books on my commute. Everything works fine ... but the moment an email arrives, the player stops and often when I try to restart the audio, it goes back to the start of the track -- which is painful to say the least and dangerous were I to try and fix it while driving! Needless to say, its driving (pun intended!) me mad!

So ...

a) Is there a way to prevent the player from stopping every time an email arrives? I can understand that with an incoming phone call the player would have to stop, but not so with an email that I'm unlikely to read anyways while driving!

b) Is there any setting to prevent the player from going back to the starting point in the track? This happens ONLY when an alert like an email is received. If I pause the track manually, I can start it from where it stopped.

I've looked at the various options on the Pearl and searched the faqs also -- no luck so far ... :?

penk 04-03-2008 06:03 AM

i haven't had any issues with audio playback for standard .mp3 files, but i vaguely recall having an .m4a or maybe an enhanced .aac trip up a bit, but not due to an incoming message.

you mention audio book files, which often have bookmarking or chapter features - the 'berry's mediaplayer maybe doesn't understand this and can't reconcile the issue so it resumes from "0:00" instead.

review your file formats and see if there is a particular pattern or trend among the different formats when this occurs.

nabman 04-03-2008 06:16 AM

Thanks penk!

Good hypothesis about the audiobooks! However, they are regular mp3 files (I created them myself from cds at lower bitrates), so I don't believe that they have any bookmarking or chapter features (don't show up with any of my media players on the PC either). In addition, they pause and resume just fine if I do it manually ... so maybe it was some other glitch. I will keep a watch to see if there is any pattern.

In any case, I just thought of something - maybe I should create a profile called "DRIVING" with all notifications turned to "None" except the phone. Maybe this will prevent the player from stopping every time an email is received?

penk 04-03-2008 09:56 AM

Wirelessly posted (penkberry)

that alternate profile may circumvent the issue altogether. good thinking.

i did have another thought. where are your .mp3 ringtones stored? if they are on the media card, maybe in the same folder or subfolder with your other audio files, it may not be able to handle the sound output switch.

i keep my ringer files in the preset folder on the device itself.

just a thought...

Two Mike Romeo 04-04-2008 10:08 AM

I have had a similar problem on my 8130...
While playing audio files (MP3s) and I get an e-mail, the music pauses, I get the new message notification sound out of the phones speaker, and then the music starts back again. This occurs with any profile that has an audible tone notification. When I switch the profile to phone only, vibrate, quiet or off, the music plays on when a message is received.

Try one of these profiles and see if the problem resolves.

Two Mike Romeo

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