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buckeyes3 04-22-2008 03:27 PM

Seidio Hard case Reviews for the Pearl
Does anyone have or has anyone read reviews regarding the Seidio Super Slim Rubberized Hard case for the pearl? I am looking in to getting one but since I already have a rubber "skin" for it, i'm not sure if it would be worth the price. Does anyone have any opinions on this?

TheBigNewt 04-22-2008 03:54 PM

I had one, here's my .02: It's not much different than a hard plastic skin that snaps on in 2 pieces. It's pricey IMO. Doesn't have a screen protector of course. "Rubberized" is a misnomer, it's not rubbery at all in texture, it's pretty hard black plastic. What it's known for is that it's very thin, no bulk. Its Achilles heel is that if you take it off much the fragile clips will break and it won't stay on snug (mine broke, my friends' broke too). Not for me, I went with a RIM leather pouch that protects the whole phone/screen.

003402 04-22-2008 05:35 PM

i have the seidio too, but no problems on my end. the case has a "rubberized" feel, but not sure if it truly rubbreized. It feels more tacky than anything else. I like it. It does fit snug, so if you do have other skinz, it will not likely fit. I put an aftermarket screen cover, works fine.

Soxfan04 04-22-2008 05:49 PM

Wirelessly posted

I also have been using it with a screen protector. No complaints from me. I like the holster that comes with it too.

jpbaldonado 04-23-2008 05:20 PM

I had one which i ended up selling as I did not like it. I didn't like it because at this size, every last bit that's added makes a difference and this made the pearl that much bigger and unacceptable. Now I'm sure other cases are probably worst, but I wanted to keep my 8130 slim.

melvinodo 04-23-2008 05:48 PM

Been There - Done that
Here is my .005 cents.

I bought the Sedio rubberized hard shell for my 8100. Yes, it is hard to get on. They make sure you have the directions on how to put it on correctly. Follow that, then its easy peasy.

I had two of them. About 30 to 60 days apart. The first one started cracking along the seems and in the corners. The plastic is really super thing here. After the first one started doing that, I contacts support, and they sent me a replacement, once I sent mine in.

The replacement last at best about 45 days before it started doing it again. I gave up on it then, and have not purchased another or bothered whining to support about it. Why live through that every 45 days?

When I bought the shell, I also bought the matching belt clip. That thing rocks. It is sized to match the exceptionally small size increase in the pearls size. It may or may not have helped induce extra stress on the hard shell to induce the cracks.

Without the shell, I still have the clip. But of course the phone does really fit it. So I just happened to have some self adhesive felt, and padded in strategic locations on the clip. NOw it hold the phone jsut fine.

Fit and feel: The case feels great. It is sort of a rubber like paint on a hard plastic shell. So it has the texture of rubber, but not the grip, or flexx of rubber. It feels great. The shell it self fits the phone well. As with any shell, it has cut outs for the buttons and holes of the phone. Those take a bit to get used to if you already enjoy the tight flush feel of the phone without a shell.

Did it protect my phone? Yes. Why it was still holding toeghet my phone more or less remaind pristine (ish). Now that it is gone (and has been for several months) my phone has suffed a bit. the chome on the edges has some blank black spots. Since I keep it in the clip most of the time I do not have screen scratches or anything like that. But unlike many of my cohorts, I do not stick the pearl in my pants pocket, or coat pockets to float around with loose change and what have you.

Worth it? No. Definately not, if you keep having to replace it every two months.

I dream of the day when they can create a super strong version of it so it doesnt crack or break like then. (but then were would your repeat business revenue come from?)

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