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spark_plug 06-20-2008 10:10 AM

Help!! White screen with icon & under it is 507
I've got BB pearl 8100 and it has pooped everywhere! It has a white screen with an icon that has a circle, square and triangle in a row with a square around it and a circle around the square and a line through it, and under the icon is the numbers 507. I did find out that this 507 mean there isn't no OS. I can't get it to do anythang not even shut off. I've attempted to attach to my computer and try the desktop manager, but doesn't seem to be acknowledging the phone is attached. I really need step by step details on what i need to do to fix my phone. I know this sounds ignornant but i don't understand nethang when it comes to issues of this nature on a phone. If someone could please not laugh at me to hard and help me i would so so appreciate it.


Sith_Apprentice 06-20-2008 10:11 AM

please check your previous post in the new members section. i have posted everything you need there. *closed*

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