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tsherron 06-27-2008 01:40 AM

Blackberry Messenger Problems
My wife and I both have the 8130 Pearl on Verizon Network and both have OS 4.3. We have always used the preloaded Blackberry Messenger instead of sending SMS messages. Recently my wife reset her phone. After doing this it will not allow us to add each other to our Blackberry Messenger contacts list. I have verified the PIN numbers are correct. We can send PIN messages to each other but when we add each other to the messenger it says a request was sent but neither one of us ever receives the request and it just shows the other person as pending on the contact list. Ive looked through all the settings and cant find anything that might cause this. I tried unistalling the messenger and reloaded it but im still having the same problem. Does anyone have any suggestions? Would wiping my phone clean do anything?

JSanders 06-27-2008 03:42 AM

Delete both of your accounts for each other. Pull the battery while powered on, replace and reboot the device.

Now, in BBM, one of you add the other (BBMessenger > Add Contact > scroll up to USE ONCE > Press Menu > Add by PIN and enter the PIN of the other device.

In other words, don't add the other via email address.

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