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ColdAntipasto 07-02-2008 01:33 PM

Unlocking phone
Any reasons why i should unlock my phone? I have at&T. what are the pros and cons behind it

sstroud 07-02-2008 01:45 PM

only reasons I can think of to unlock are if you are changing carriers, would like to use a SIM from a local carrier while overseas, or to make it easier to sell.

there's really no downside

ColdAntipasto 07-02-2008 06:43 PM

cool thanks im leaving it alone then

Global Unlock 07-10-2008 08:00 AM

Well there are many many benefits to unlocking your phone. I discuss 6 of most important in my eBook on benefits of unlocked phones, you can get it FREE at - Official Mobile Phone Unlocking Site, you will see where to get it on the right side.

Any other questions, posts here or contact me.

Sith_Apprentice 07-10-2008 08:04 AM

The only downside is, AT&T will no longer "officially" support your phone, and any issues that arise, they *may* blame on your device being unlocked. The only real benefit is to use any SIM card you want in your device.

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