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Alexinator 10-31-2008 02:12 AM

Failed to get unlock code from T-Mo... She hung up on me!
Hey guys, long time listener, first time caller... :razz:

I called up T-Mobile today about 10 minutes ago in an attempt to get my unlock code from them. I started out by saying "I would like to get my unlock code for my BlackBerry 8100"

She then asked "For what reason do you want to unlock your phone?"

"Because I am traveling abroad with it and will be using another carrier temporarily" (I lied, lawl)

"Okay, just provide me with you UPEK code (she pronounced it Yoo-Peck) and I will happily get your unlock code for you."

I said "UPEK? I don't believe such a think exists, ma'am..." (Still being very polite at this time)

She said "Can I just have your 10 digit phone number?"

"Certainly," I said, "It's ### ### ####"

"Okay sir, I just need your 'U' 'P' 'E' 'K' code."

I replied "Do you mean IMEI code? That should be all you need. I have never heard of a UPEK before." (Getting a little annoyed at this point)

"Sir, I need your last name and last 4 digits of your SSN"

"I can provide the last name, but I don't have the SSN for you, sorry" (I'm not officially the account holder. I have no credit yet, so I used a friend)

"Okay, thanks Patrick, now I'll need your I... erm (she coughed loudly into the mic... sick) UPEK code if you'll provide it" (What? Who's Patrick? My name is Alex.... I told you that... and UPEK....)

"Ma'am, what in bloody hell is a UPEK? Where can I find a damn UPEK to satisfy you?!?" :x :x :x

"Sir, you do not currently meet the requirements for an unlock." (Mutters some thing that was inaudible, then I heard a click which was the sound of her hanging up on me)

Now, I have been a customer for 11 months starting tomorrow. I've paid the bill two months in advance every other month on time. I'm certainly in good standing. I thought the woman was very odd and just didn't know anything about what I was asking. I'll try again tomorrow, but man that has me really ticked off.

What was your experience when calling T-mo to ask for an unlock code, and how long did it take? Ever hear of a UPEK??

Also, do any of you know if I can get the account transferred to my name now that I have been paying the bills and can provide easy proof of that since I've been using my bank account to pay it off?

ezrunner 10-31-2008 06:33 AM

Wirelessly posted (off to see the wizard)

Sounds like she didn't know what you were asking. Also as the acct is in your friends name they don't have to give you the code.

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