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stevetag 11-22-2008 12:22 PM

Updated Desktop Mgr and lost virtual comport
I recently updated my Pearl's software and then updated the desktop manager to 4.6. Since the update, I can no longer tether my blackberry to my laptop. It appears the virtual com port is missing since the upgrade of the desktop software.

I have tried re-installing but never see the option to install the virtual com port. Can anyone give me some help in resolving?

Thanks in advance.

Update: I actually figured this out, DESKTOP MGR 4.6 does not require the extra step of first choosing "none" for your device then choosing the "com" port as version 4.2 did. Just connect your Blackberry via USB, open Desktop Mgr 4.6, then choose dialup connection as your network connection and as long as you have your modem string set correctly it will tether thru your Blackberry.


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