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burgundyf 01-02-2009 02:58 PM

issues issues issues. why me?
It seems impossible to get a blackberry pearl that works right. My first one got sent back, and I was sent a replacement b/c the trackball didn't work right and some of the button didn't either. After self-installing the right stuff to make my new phone work, it never has been right. It is entirely possible that something happened during the installation process, seeing as how you need a PhD in computer science to do it (and I don't). Some times the caps icon stays on for no reason.....the phone is not "smart" when it comes to typing. It always types TOU for "you" and will never learn the words. For a while it wouldn't bring up the screen that tells you who is calling, it just stayed on the main screen and rang. Nothing is constant except for the not learning words when typing. It works, for the most part, and I'm reallly annoyed that I can't just get a phone that doesn't have issues. I don't want to get a new one sent and then do this all over again, I wish I could just have blackberry call one of the tmobile stores and tell them to give me a new phone already programmed etc. Like I got when I initially got the tmobile service. <frustration!!!!

DacyJ 01-02-2009 03:06 PM

Wirelessly posted (you serious Clark?)

Can you trade it up for a Curve, maybe tell them all the problems that you are having and see if they will let you upgrade to a curve at no charge, its worth a shot huh?

bkeen 01-02-2009 04:10 PM

DacyJ has a great idea! I know before I upgraded to my Storm from a WinMo device I was having issues with, I was always on the phone with Verizon about my Treo. Because I only had it for a few weeks when the problems started, they said I could pick any phone I wanted and they would give it to me. At the time, the company I was working for did not support BB so I went with a Samsung i760 WinMo phone. Then once the BB Storm came out, I used a new every two to upgrade from WinMo to BB. If you just got it the Pearl or if you have on going problems with it, I would complain and keep going until they hear you. If all else fails, threaten to switch carries haha...any carrier will do whatever to keep you as a customer.

BCollins521 01-02-2009 04:43 PM

Sounds to me that the dictionary is a little messed up from probably typing the incorrect word and selecting that...go in and look at that under the options-(can't remember off the top of my head). And delete the misspelled words.

Far as the other stuff...that would be a hardware issue (key problems, trackball, etc)

sp_ahmed87 01-02-2009 05:15 PM

i suggest bad karma :oops:

lanevovirs 01-02-2009 08:21 PM

Options > Custom > Type in "you" as you normally would to enter the word and "tou" should be displayed. Click the menu button and it'll allow you to delete it.

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