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tjghattas 01-09-2009 02:22 AM

H E L P / Strange Caller ID
Dear All ,
I am a new user of BB in Beirut, since the providers wil start giving the internet bb service soon.
Bought my first BB pearl 8120. and downloaded my phonebook.
I have searched the net for days now, and i could not find an answer for my problem which is the following .
Lebanon code : +961
Mobile codes: 03 and 70
eg mobile : +961 3 *** *** ( our numbers are 6 digits not 7)

Problem is :
If i save a number with the full international code , and this nbr sms me , i get his name. but if same nbr calls me, i do not get the name ( because when they sms i get the full intl code, unlike when they call).

What is so strange , is that we have 2 mobile carriers ,
one has code starting with 70 , which makes the international nbr look like this : +96170*** *** = total of 11 digits
and the other has code starting with 03, which makes international nbr look like this : + 9613 *** *** = total of 10 digits .

NOW another strange thing , : I have saved the mobile nbrs with 70 as code, in their international format +96170****** , and i am not having any problems with those , receiving and call or sms always shows their name.

I have already been through the following before contacting you :

in mart dialling , i set the code to +961 and the national nbr length to 10, then again to 11 .

No encrypton on my phone ..

so please help explaining to me why it is doing this, and what is the solution as i am going crazy !

I so so much areciate yoru help , Thank you in advance .

bolin 01-09-2009 02:24 PM

have you testet this: +961 03 xxx xxx?

tjghattas 01-09-2009 06:51 PM

Wirelessly posted

I cannot test this because the 03 is only for one carrier of the mobile, and the landline is 01 and the other mobile carrier is 03 . when you ask me if i tested this , you mean in the smart dialling country code ??

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