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superbee1972 01-12-2009 10:47 PM

Might Need Repair Service For 8120 in Indonesia
I live in Bali Indonesia, I got an unlocked 8120 Pearl and I use XL as my provider. Recently it appeared that my battery has gone bad, So I ordered several new batteries in addition to a new power supply and desktop charger. Upon receiving my new batteries and charger I was unable to charge them with my blackberry. I used external desktop charger and put a full charge on one of the batteries. When I placed the battery in my pearl is shows low battery as soon as I unplug the power supply. Any ideas what may be wrong? I almost assume this thing will require service? Does anyone service these things locally in bali? or maybe jakarta? The phone is only 2yrs old. It was not used most of the first year, until I got it unlocked. Any help is appreciated

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