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Bgnome 05-18-2009 10:05 PM

issues since last update.. would like some advice
so, I let my desktop manager do an update, and things have gotten a little wonky since then.

to set the stage, my carrier is Alltel, as I understand it, Chad is out of a job and I should be a Verizon customer pretty soon.

the phone it's self is a 8130 pearl, according to my "about" page it's CDMA running v4.5.0.127 (platform My status shows that I have an ESN type connection.

not sure what I was running before the update, but I can tell you things have gone down hill ever since.

for one thing, I'm getting the back light lag. a bit of a PITA, but nothing terribly worrisome, but, it gives me the impression that the phone is lagging.
other issues? she's locking up, like.. a LOT, I'm having to do the battery pull far too often. clearing the cache, and the deleting past txts and what not seems to help, but not that much.
but my most troubling issue?
the GPS.. it will NOT acquire a satellite signal at all in BB maps. A half hour before I let it update, it worked fine, I have not gotten a lock at all since doing the update.

In my browsing the forums here, I've seen folks mention the backlight issue, and the memory leaks, but no one seems to have complained about the GPS.

also, if it helps, I have an expired trial copy of Geocache on the phone that when I try to remove through the desk top manager wants to remove BB maps as well. when I logged it into the update manager today, it updated the BBmaps, but there was no change in it acquiring a GPS signal.

so folks.. what do you think? and where do I go from here?

TrueSouthGirl 05-24-2009 10:40 PM

Interesting, my GPS never worked. I thought it was just Alltel being a pain. I'm sorry I don't have an answer, but I have the same problem, except mine never worked.

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