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sar127 01-10-2010 03:18 AM

FB, Opera all work but will NOT d/l - NO DATA PLAN
I got this phone second hand and so far Facebook, Viigo and Opera Mini all connect to the internet - and I don't have a data plan. The prob is that as soon as I try to download something through Opera (such as Google apps), it reverts back to the BB browser and gives this error msg:

"Exceeded maximum redirect attempts to server: http//"

I had to download Opera to the PC first, but many apps don't have that option. Obviously something was done before I got the phone, but since I have some internet access, I'm reluctant to try anything unknowingly.

PLEASE let me know if theres is any other information I can provide that can be helpful, I'm just listing a few things here at random that I assume would be of use.

--> When I go into my BB browser, a page comes up saying that I do not have web2go plan. The odd thing is that its lists several sites like Facebook ESPN and CNN to try to sell me a plan, but like I stated above, my FB app already works.

--> APN: gprsinternet ( works too)
APN username: t-mobile
APN password: ** (unknown - was already entered)

-->Default browser config: t-zones
Default MDS browser config: Explorador de Internet (don't ask)
Default WAP browser config: t-zones

-->Service Book has SEVERAL entries, here are some:
provisioning, WLM2.1, blackberry internet browsing service, BBFS2, WAP2, BBFS1, IPPP for BIBS, WAP2 BrowserConfig, WLM VPL, T-mobile USA WAP BrowserConfig

**Before everyone starts telling me to be careful about my internet usage and how I could end up with a huge bill, I just want to say thanks but I'm already aware. I have something called Blackberry Feature Enabler, and that allows for unlimited data usage, which I have already verified is working through my online account.

sar127 01-10-2010 05:03 AM

Just solved it myself by accident, had to switch one of the browsers from t-mobile to "explorador de internet".

however, now i have another problem, the last persons facebook notices keep appearing in my mailbox and i cant find out where or how to disable it. the facebook app now how my information obviously, and i already deleted the two hotmails accounts in the service book

MidnightDraven 01-10-2010 06:45 AM

the PIN of the device is still registered with the previous owners BIS account.
Where his email addresses are setup etc.
You'll continue to have service books for those accounts resent to your phone, meaning you get his emails.
You should contact previous owner and have them remove the BIS account.

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