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gstanley 06-09-2010 11:40 PM

Media Card not recognised in Windows - 8110
Hi there

I've tried to resolve this via other similar threads, but no exact result mainly because of the user explanation, so I'll try my best :)

Pearl 8110, OS: 4.5.0x
Media card in use varies, tried a couple (128MB and 2GB)
Desktop Manager v5
PC OS: tried in Windows 7 and XP, same issue

Problem: Windows explorer won't see my media card as a removable drive. Upon connection to desktop manager no external media card access happens.

Desktop manager sees my Blackberry, syncs and all fine.
Roxio media manager (part of Desktop manager) works fine too.
Media card support on the 8110 is on and set exactly right (compared to another 8100 I have and other thread advice).
The Pearl can see files through media player and plays them fine.

But using Roxio is clunky compared to connecting through windows explorer and drag/dropping.

I have an 8100 that works perfectly, and Windows 7 recognised it as a blackberry 8100.
The 8110 Windows 7 only knows as a 'blackberry device', and it won't upload new drivers as they are 'up to date'.

Have blackberry deleted the removable drive drivers or something??
Any help please?

lprmcnit 06-10-2010 12:00 PM

I'm an XP guy, not really familiar with Windows 7, but I understand the correct driver, at least for XP, is called this the driver being used? As a sidelight, I always tell my users to not install Roxio, because it is so clunky as you mention. :) They seem to be better off just dragging and dropping from Windows Explorer.

gstanley 06-10-2010 03:59 PM

Hi, thanks for response. It is that exact file, ver This file I assume is the same file that is used when the 8100 is connected, and it enables mass media on PC no problems. BTW, it's not the card either, as both SD cards have been used in the 8100 without any problem, but in the 8110 they won't activate mass media on PC. Damn...

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