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roman665 09-05-2010 05:15 AM

8100 GPRS Modem use requires Policy Permisson YES/NO ?
I have a 8100 which has a data plan (tcp/ip internet only, no BB, no BES). The data plan works great with Bolt, jmirc and many other apps.

I was never able to make the GPRS modem tethering work however. The dialing script works (and I even tried by hand connecting with the GPRS modem rfcomm device and issuing AT commands). After dialing, there is no CONNECT message, nothing, and the GPRS modem interface application just hangs like that. I do not remember if I get a NO CARRIER message or not, in any case, the other end is "dead".

I found this message : #post463761 (can't post url's I'm too new here)

Which implies that using the built in GPRS modem requires policy enabling from the provider. Besides the unprintable profanity I'd like to post here but won't, can someone confirm this one more time:

Is a Policy setting at the wireless (attention: wireless, not BES etc) provider's necessary to allow GPRS modem use in the 8100 when its APN based internet service is provisioned and already working? Yes/No?

It is my understanding that the person mentioned in the link above enabled this in the BES he is an admin of. Does GPRS modem thethering access require a BES or just a Policy setting?

Remember I have NO BES and never will have one. My provider is Vodafone and I am in Europe.

roman665 09-07-2010 12:46 PM

Fixed (by provider)
Apparently my provider is reading this site or it was just good luck. I tried it again after posting the previous message and now I can tether the laptop to the 8100 and connect to the internet fine. The speed is not stellar (GPRS only due to provider not supporting EDGE) but much better than nothing on trips and in the boonies. So now the smiley changed to a :-)

roman665 10-03-2010 11:17 AM

Problem solved by Provider!
The aforementioned problem was suddenly solved likely by the provider setting some flags. It started working without my changing anything in the scripts from one day to the next. Therefore now GPRS connection to the internet through a 8100 without using a Blackberry BIS/BES or data plan works fine. The carrier is generic (Eastern Europe) and the device is unlocked. The SIM is prepaid and has a data "plan" per month.

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