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rcarruth 09-25-2010 04:34 PM

Help with profile exceptions
I am having problems trying to get a profile exception to work, here are the steps I took, did I miss something?
1. created new profile called "Bob"
Set sms alert to "Notifier_Morning"
2. created new exception
a. Name "Liz"
b. From took Liz contact from Add Name menu option
c. use profile: "Bob" - new profile created
d. unchecked custom phone tune box
3. after saving put check mark next to "Liz" in "Use Active Profile Except For" area
4. Active profile is set to "Normal" where my sms alerts are set to vibrate once

The first time I tested it by having my wife send me a text it worked perfectly but after that every sms I received used the same ringtone as the one I had set up in the exception not the vibrate I had set up as default.

tsac 09-25-2010 09:30 PM

Try this

To create a new sound profile, complete the following steps:

1.On the Home screen, click Profiles.
2.Select Custom Profiles.
3.On the Custom Profiles screen, click Add Custom Profile.
4.Type a name for the profile.
5.Click an item, then click Edit.
6.Set how you want to be notified for that item.
7.Display the menu, and click Save.
8.On the New Custom Profile screen, display the menu and click Save. The new profile appears in your list of sound profiles.

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