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Lafaso870 09-26-2010 02:59 AM

which pearl to choose ? help needed
I currently have a curve 8310 but tbh I want a pearl as they are smaller without losing any of the berry functionalities . . I was looking at the specification of the pearl 8110 and the 8120 , they are nearly the same , I noticed though it seems to state that the 8110 you can set up personal email account on but the 8120 seems to say you cannot . . Now I am puzzled as I was of the understanding that you can set up your personal email account on your blackberry no matter what the model ? Of course I need email set up as if you do not you cant receive facebook notifications on your handset and this is a must for me ...

Can someone clear this up for me as I do want the 8120 for the added wifi capability . . but I need personal email function . .

some help would be greatly appreciated ..

thanks in advance

g-off 09-26-2010 04:15 AM

You can set up any blackberry with personal email accounts. The only real difference between the 8110 and the 8120 is wifi. You mentioned that you like that the pearl is smaller than your 8310, have you considered the 9100 pearl 3G? Its more sleak than the 8100 series pearl and connects to the hspa network that will just make your device function faster, and its still wifi ready. The 9100 series pearl will be compatible with os 6 coming in hopefully a few weeks and its a current model so there will be better support for the device in the long run for you. With the 9100 you'd just get better value for your money and a device that will do everything you need it too. Just make sure going from a device with a full qwerty keyboard to a suretype keyboard is something you'll be happy with. Hope this helped at all
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