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Cale 10-14-2010 04:43 PM

507 error with a Mac
I have a mac and I don't know how I can reinstall the OS. The only program I am aware of is Javaloader.exe


Dubdub 10-14-2010 05:32 PM

Moved to the 8100 section.

Install the latest version of the Mac Desktop manager.

-Start Blackberry Desktop Manager
-In the Window Menu open the log window
-Connect your cable to your Blackberry first and then connect to the other end to your mac
-Now you should see some log lines starting to appear until they repeat showing "Throwing Unsupported Device....." It will loop about 20 to 25 times, then, the Desktop Manager will recognize that it needs to upload the OS on the device and suddenly you will get the window to choose which OS to load. Make sure the battery is in the blackberry otherwise it won't be able to recognize the device PIN.

That should allow you to do it. If not, see below:

Set up a Windows instance using Bootcamp, Parallels or VMWare and install windows and do it that way. Or find a friend with a PC who will let you install DM and the OS.

Maybe this will help as well:

Blackberry Reload Software 507 Mac |

Reload Software: 507 error - BlackBerry Forums at

CSobottka 11-02-2010 06:26 PM

This one worked for me too , but I wasn't trying to do this exatcly . I had the JVM 513 error. Continuous Loop. Nuked BB. Needed the OS. I loaded the Mac desktop manager. It couldn't connect to the phone. Started writing emails while still connected with the USB and DM running, and presto, connected on its own ( the 20-25 tries must have happened) I saw icons of laptop connected to the phone and DM downloaded the OS. Then the DM loaded the operating system and waited for the phone to restart. Whole process took an hour or more. I was tempted often to unplug it but resisted. Paid off. Thanks.

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